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Pictures are remarkable! A single picture can tell you a lot of stories. Pictures are means of preserving our feelings, emotions and achievements. Pictures remind us of who we were, where we have been and what used to be. Pictures remind us of what we looked like as kids, how we felt in college, how happy we were at our weddings and so on. These pictures are a constant reminder that keeps us in perspective.


Couples who take pictures together regularly and go back to check those pictures consistently are more likely to grow old together in love. Unfortunately, some of these pictures we’ve taken for long years, may at some point, begin to fade away, as pictures may collect duct, kids may spill something on them, or they just naturally degrade. Some decades back, fixing such picture degradations was impossible, but today, the story is not the same.


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Copley Art and Framing - Boston picture framing -  picture restoration.
Copley Art and Framing - Boston picture framing -  picture restoration.

The repair and restoration of damaged photographs nowadays, is not just a possibility, but a common practice in many places through the actions of trained professionals using of specialized software.


Do you happen to have some much-cherished pictures that have suffered degradation or has suffered water or fire damage? Then I have good news for you, because your memory is about to be restored!


West Roxbury framing, Boston


West Roxbury framing specializes in the repair and restoration of heavily damaged pictures. West Roxbury framing provides the initial treatment for pictures as well as fixing a variety of other damages that may have invaded your cherished photograph. We specialize in repair and restoration of different kinds of photographs, be it a digital photograph or an antiquity photograph. We derive joy in breathing life again into that much-cherished family heirloom.


Repair and Restoration


Do you know that we can repair and restore your torn, tattered or degraded pictures, to exactly how it was when you first took it? Yes! We can return that picture to its former glory. Our catalogue is full of examples of pictures that were seemingly beyond repair and the resulting masterpiece that came forth after our team of professionals worked on them. We can restore those lovely pictures for you, that even the future generations will behold the beauty and marvel.


Our Convenient Location


We are conveniently located on 1741 Centre Street, in West Roxbury Center, near the police station. Our location is particularly strategic, as Centre Street is indeed a central zone for all the surrounding neighborhoods. The area is full of restaurants, grocery store and other shops, so should you decide to get something to eat or drink, you can do that with absolute ease. We also have a spacious parking lot where you can park your vehicles without having to worry about a parking tickets.




Memories are priceless! The more good memories we have, the better life we can have. Let’s help you in restoring those cherished memories today.



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